Introducing the fall '19 collection! đŸ‘»

Happy October everyone!

We are extremely excited to announce our new fall 2019 product line, which releases today! But before we tell you a little about our inspirations, ideas, and the process that brought you this new line, you might want to consider shopping now, and continuing to read this after, just incase your favorite item sells out.

Our approach to clothing design at Arrow Skate Co tends to be fairly simplistic. We take something we are fond of in life, and we try to evoke the feeling it gives us through clothing (e.g. the retro diner, or outer space). This time, we wanted to capture that spooky, chilly, yet cozy spirit of Halloween. And importantly, fall is our favorite season—but it's far too fleeting—so we wanted to create clothing that evokes the feeling of fall whenever you put it on, at any time of year.

The fall '19 line features a shoulder bag, a rugby polo long sleeve shirt, and a classic black hoodie, all featuring classic halloween colors and design elements.


This is a big step forward for our company, as each new product features something that we have never tried before. As for the bag and the rugby shirt, we've never made products of their kind. For the hoodie, we added some extra flair with a small sleeve embroidery. Expanding our comfort zone is not only creatively fulfilling for us (and hopefully rewarding for you, too, when you wear our products!), but it also gives us a broader idea of the clothing we are capable of creating for future lines.

Lastly, we want to thank everyone who made this line possible. Our designer, Caroline (follow her @carolineaccatino), absolutely nailed the spooky season vibe. Chris (follow him @chrisistrending) killed it with posting on our social media pages, taking photos, and designing ads. Lastly, thank YOU for giving us the opportunity to create this clothing by supporting our brand.

Shop the new fall collection now.

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    Hey george i just wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration, you make me want to go out and skate everyday. I hope your company and channel will become a huge success.

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