Arrow Skate Co (est. 2017) is clothing brand based in New York City inspired by our love for skateboarding. The company was founded with a simple message: follow your heart. (The logo, which was born before the name, is a heart combined with a skateboard and an arrow). We value the idea of being true to yourself and following the arrow that you set for yourself. We take inspiration directly from skateboarding for a few reasons: (1) our own love for skateboarding, (2) how skateboarding has shaped our willingness to “live life for ourselves,” as well as (3) skateboarding’s inherent value in originality. When it comes to products, we strive to make you feel more confident in being yourself when you wear our clothing. Our design focus is fairly simplistic and often retro/vintage, but we are always trying to grow and change creatively as a brand, while staying true to our values. We appreciate every one of you, and thank you for reading a little about us! Follow your heart & keep pushing <3